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About Us

For us, one of life’s best indulgences is eating excellent cheese while drinking wonderful wine. France is a paradise for a cheese amateur or connoisseur. We produce over 1,000 cheeses! In La Compagnie des terroirs, we are passionate about the concept of terroir (the environmental conditions, especially the soil and climate, which affect how a food is grown and it’s characteristics). We believe eating is a spiritual aspect of life that is impossible to explain. Who can explain why a Riesling or a beer pair well with sauerkraut or why Cahors is served with cassoulet?

Let us convince you that a Auge country hard cider combines so well with Camembert, let us introduce you to these wonderful Normandy specialties!


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Damien HUE

Son of a farmer near Caen in Normandy, I studied agriculture for 5 years. As a result of my studies, I decided not to take over the family farm but rather to move towards the agro-food sector to work on "the food of tomorrow". Very attached to the Norman terroir, I took this opportunity to return to Calvados in Normandy to share my history and my passion for this beautiful region 7 years ago. Today, I want to combine my agricultural background, my love for human relations and my interest for local farm products such as Cidre and Camembert to offer you a unique experience in our beautiful Pays d'Auge !


Originally from Normandy, I spent many summers enjoying the countryside of our beautiful region. After 3 years in the hostel and catering sector, I decided to studied tourism. After a few years travelling around the world, I decided to come back in the Calvados area that I love. Raised in a farming family and daughter of an agronomist who taught me a lot, I love to share my passion and knowledge about our land and its products. I truly believe that the best way to discover a country is through its gastronomy and its local population. Join me in a beautiful journey in the hills, cows and apple trees country!